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DRW Performance

DRW750 S55 Hybrid Turbos for F80/F82/F83/F87 M3/M4/M2X

DRW750 S55 Hybrid Turbos for F80/F82/F83/F87 M3/M4/M2X

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DRW750 Turbos - BMW F8X M2C/M3/M4 - S55 engine 

The DRW750 hybrid turbos are for people who want to push their S55 engine even further. These turbos are considerably larger than our DRW650 range and with the correct fuelling and octane will make 750bhp and upwards. 


  • DRW Performance high load thrust bearings 
  • Upgraded ‘DRW’ spec compressor wheel
  • High load turbine wheel with cut back blades 
  • Balanced once built 
  • FTP larger turbo inlets 

These will do between 620-650bhp on 99RON, but when you add more octane via methanol or E blend fuels, these will do upto 750bhp and above, at which point the stock engine becomes the weak point.

Performance Stats


99RON - 5.7-5.8 seconds 

99RON and meth - 4.9-5.0 seconds 

We have these turbos on our shop M3 and M4 both running over 700bhp, so we can demo these to anyone looking at purchasing some. 

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