Insane Performance 4 pin S55 Crank Hub BMW F8x M2C/M3/M4


The stock crank hub in BMW S55’s has proved to be the achilles heel of this engine. BMW opted for a “floating” crank hub design where the cam chain and oil pump gears can move independently of each other. BMW use little friction washers that sit in between the cam chain, oil pump gears and the hub and rely on these, and the tightness of the crank hub bolt to hold it all together. These friction washers are known for failing and in some circumstances we have seen the complete crank hub slip against the crank and the friction washers have still been in tact.

Introducing the one piece and pinned crank hub from Insane Performance. This complete new crank hub is fully one piece and utilises 4 pins to lock it against the crank, meaning no more slip!

We regard this as the best aftermarket crank hub on the market. It has been used by people all over the world in engines 900bhp and above, it has been proven time and time again.

Included in the kit is;

  • One piece pinned crank hub
  • New OEM crank hub bolt
  • Guide to allow the correct placement of drilling
  • Drill bit

It is highly recommended that you get a reputable shop to install this part, it involves removing lots of parts including the front subframe, engine sump and timing chain to carry out this work correctly.

We offer a crank hub service at our shop in Liverpool. DRW Performance has installed more Insane Performance crank hubs than anyone else in the UK, we know this job and these engines inside out. For more information on this, drop us an email.


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