DRW Performance Stock Turbos with Upgraded Internals – BMW M2C/M3/M4 F8X


If you have a BMW M2C, M3 or M4 you will know doubt know about the issues they can face with failing turbos. Classic symptoms of the turbo’s failing is excessive oil consumption.

Here at DRW Performance we have a perfect solution for this, our own stock turbos with upgraded internals.

The OEM BMW units use a poorly designed thrust bearing which can fail over time. We addressed this by fitting a different designed and upgraded thrust bearing which is far better quality and is proven to outlast the poor OEM design

Product features;

Stock compressor and turbine wheels

DRW upgraded thrust bearings

New seals

Housings and cores fully reconditioned

Good for stage 2 and 2+ boost levels

We have sold these all around the world and fit them weekly at our shop. It is a proven upgrade and reliable.

There is a £750 core surcharge which is 100% refundable once your old units are returned, or ship in your current units and we can refurb these

Fitting is available at our shop in Liverpool, email for more info.

Core charge?

No, I will ship my originals to be refurbished, Yes, I will ship my old cores once the job is complete


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